What some of my clients have to say...

“Jordan S. Gruber turned my initial ideas and writing forays into an actual publishable manuscript, and I can’t thank him enough for his incredible efforts. He is an artist and helped me express complicated ideas in an easy to understand language.”

Tom Anderson
Author of The Value of Debt (2013)

“I've worked with Jordan for over a year, and his ability to capture my voice and integrate a wide variety of supporting materials has been outstanding. Jordan is a true professional, and working with him is rewarding and enjoyable.”

Patti J. Abram
Senior Managing Principal
CEG Worldwide

“Jordan is easy to work with – efficient, upbeat, polished and professional in all ways.  I look forward to working with him on future projects!”

Shoshana S. Bennett, Ph.D.
President, Postpartum Assistance for Mothers

“I rely on a world-class team … [t]his includes Jordan Gruber, my incredibly reliable writer."

RJ Shook
Founder and President
The Winner’s Circle Organization

“Jordan Gruber is a pure pleasure to work with. He’s the ultimate professional: personable, meticulous, and 100 percent reliable. As a writer, he has the uncommon gift for making complex topics highly accessible—and even enjoyable. His creativity and genuine love of words is evident in all of his work. Jordan’s contribution to CEG Worldwide has been invaluable, and I look forward to collaborating with him on many more projects.”

Katie Soden
Editor in Chief
CEG Worldwide

“I was introduced to Jordan through some associates of mine at CEG Worldwide and subsequently worked with him on a number of projects including a monthly industry column. He embraced a new industry and complex topic with great zeal and revealed an intuitive nature for helping to take topics that normally would intimidate others and turn them into understandable and interesting stories that readers would enjoy. He added value on a number of fronts and I would highly recommend him to anyone relative to his writing skills. On top of that, he was enjoyable to work with and kept us on deadline with great efficiency."

Jeff Roush
EVP of Corporate Development for Apex Wealth Partners, Board of Directors for Klein Decisions and The McHenry Group and Senior Managing Director of CEG Worldwide

“Jordan was an ideal choice for my first book. He helped put my thoughts into an enjoyable and readable form. Jordan’s research and life experience added to the quality of the project. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Robert Rudelic, President PowerTapping LLC
West Coast Regional coordinator of ACEP

"Collaborating with Jordan Gruber has always been a delight. Together, we recently developed a project for America OnLine. His enthusiasm propelled our efforts forward and his intelligent ideas carried us through to completion. Jordan's concepts are not only original and innovative, but always relevant to the marketplace.

I would be hard-pressed to find someone more professional or more prolific. His talent with the computer world as well as his writing skills are unparalleled.

I have known Jordan for several years and have always enjoyed his company and friendship. His warm and giving nature puts one at ease, and his creative mind always keeps one entertained.

Jordan is that rare combination of talent and energy that complements any work situation. I highly recommend him for any and all projects."

Alex Rose
Producer (Norma Rae, Franky & Johnny, Exit To Eden, Nothing In Common, Overboard, Quigley Down Under, and many more)

"Before retiring, I was a managing editor for Bancroft-Whitney Law Publishers, San Francisco, and Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, New York, both now part of the West Group of legal publications and services. I was in charge of the publication of Am Jur Trials and Am Jur Proof of Facts, both of which are national multivolume treatises for criminal and civil trial lawyers. I also served as acquisitions editor for the company's single-volume texts. In such position I worked with many lawyers, judges, and law school professors as authors.

From approximately 1990 until my retirement in 1994, I worked with Jordan Gruber not only as an outside author but as a literary consultant. Jordan published a number of fine articles for Am Jur Trials and Proof of Facts, and, with co-author Tito Poza, produced an outstanding text on audio forensic evidence. Jordan's work was distinguished not only by its outstanding scholarship but also by the author's professional level writing skills. Jordan had the rare ability to take difficult technical issues and explain them clearly and succinctly for his readers.

Jordan possesses exceptionally good research and writing skills, which made him an invaluable contributor to the publications for which he wrote. As a result, Jordan was also one of very few authors to whom I referred manuscripts by other authors for revision or rewriting when such tasks seemed beyond the capability of the inhouse editorial staff. Jordan was also employed as a consultant on the quality of editing performed by members of the company's editorial staff. Besides his fine work as a lawyer and writer, I found Jordan personable, professional, and diligent in all our relations."

Richard Kohlman Hughey
former Managing Editor, Bancroft-Whitney Law Publishers and Lawyers Cooperative Publishing