Experience & Expertise

As the Practical Wordsmith, I write and ghostwrite materials in fields as diverse as law, technology, psychology, self-help, and general business. For nearly a decade, however, the bulk of my professional writing efforts have been on behalf of the financial services industry. My clients have included financial advisors at large firms and small firms, independents, and two industry coaching and support organizations.

What exactly have I done on behalf of these clients? Very roughly, in the past eight years I have written the following for the financial services industry:

  • seven print books (five full-length, two medium-length) covering everything from asset allocation and ETFs to how to be a more successful wealth manager;
  • dozens of biographical profiles of financial advisors;
  • over 60 monthly magazine columns;
  • over a dozen “customized forewords” (where an advisor is asked to write a specialized foreword for a small custom run of an industry-oriented book);
  • dozens of articles and white papers for online or print use; and
  • miscellaneous website and marketing materials.

When you decide to work with me, not only do you get a writer who is very experienced in this domain, but also someone who is very familiar with the challenges that financial advisors face and how to best help them with those challenges. For example, at the end of nearly every project, the advisor must submit his or her work to legal compliance, and I am very familiar with how to integrate compliance’s feedback. More importantly, I know how to write things in the first place so that compliance isn’t usually too unhappy. (Here, my background as an attorney—I am an inactive member of the State Bar of California—often comes in quite handy.)