Client-Centric Focus In Writing
and Service

I view myself as a kind of intellectual midwife for my clients’ writing projects. Whether they are simply hoping to describe their firm more effectively or have a brand-new idea that no one has ever written about before, I do everything I can to understand the interface of my clients’ needs and their ideas so that we can put together the best possible product.

I also believe very strongly in providing the best service possible. This means returning emails and phone calls within 24 hours unless I am out of the country or completely indisposed. It also means digging to find answers, coming up with better solutions, and doing whatever it takes to satisfy my clients’ needs in as close to real-time as possible. For example, if a client needs a clearer copy of a diagram, he typically doesn’t need or want it in a week; no, he needs it right away, and that’s why I need to be “on it” right away.