A New York Times Best Seller!

I'm extremely happy and proud to have played a major role in this project.

“Jordan S. Gruber turned my initial ideas and writing forays into an actual publishable manuscript, and I can’t thank him enough for his incredible efforts. He is an artist and helped me express complicated ideas in an easy to understand language.”

Tom Anderson, author of The Value of Debt (2013)

Successful financial advisors and wealth managers understand the importance of letting their potential ideal clients—and their existing clientele—know that they are competent communicators and have tremendous expertise (or delegation capabilities) in every area that truly matters. In particular, many elite advisors reinforce the notion that they are truly experts (and worth a second or third look) by undertaking a credibility marketing effort, that is, by publishing articles, white papers, and books under their own name.

It’s one thing to say, for example, that you are very experienced in working with potential retirees. It’s something quite different to distribute a free article or white paper that shows exactly where and how your process for helping those who are looking to retire differs from the run-of-the-mill advisor. If you have a specific client niche, or are hoping to develop one, nothing speaks to your competence, ingenuity, and diligence like a well-articulated piece of writing that shows you’ve really done your homework.

As a writer, ghostwriter, and editor with tremendous experience in working for the financial services industry, I can help you determine what you want to write about, and how to go about writing it. Whether you yourself are quite comfortable with writing but simply don’t have the time, or whether you don’t like writing or have never really written anything complex on your own, I can help to focus in on:

  • The right subject or subjects;
  • The appropriate length and level of complexity;
  • What and how much to say about your actual investing process;
  • How to most efficiently deal with your legal compliance review;
  • What to do about illustrations and design, and the best delivery platforms—online, print-on-demand book, ebook, etc.—to best suit your needs.

If you have always wanted to write something—or if there is something that you think really should be written—please do not hesitate to call me for a free initial consultation. While I can’t promise you a best seller, I can promise you that my well-developed system for taking financial advisors from start to finish will result in the best possible materials that you and I are capable of creating together, materials that you will be proud of and that will demonstrate your credibility to the world and very likely help build your business.